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A note on communicable diseases

Mustang Public Schools is aware of the suspected cases of Meningitis in Union City Public Schools. At Mustang Public Schools, we have no reported or confirmed cases of Meningitis. Our nursing staff is in contact with the Canadian County Health Department and is monitoring the situation. 


Lorie Torres, nursing department head for MPS, said to prevent the spread of any communicable disease like Meningitis, the flu or enterovirus 68, hand washing and disinfecting is vital. Parents can take this opportunity to remind their students to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly with soap. When soap and water are not available, students can use hand sanitizer. 


"Meningitis does not live long outside the body," Torres said. "Now is a good time for parents to talk to their children about healthy habits to help prevent communicable diseases such as not sharing water bottles, cups and utensils. Also, if your child is sick, please keep them at home until they have been fever free, with no vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without the use of medication." 


As a daily practice, MPS custodial staff use Virex, a disinfectant, every day on surfaces students touch such as light switches, door handles and water fountains. Teachers have bottles available to spray on student desks. Bottles are also available for bus drivers to use on hand rails and other surfaces. Nursing staff is monitoring the number of daily absences and watching for trends that could indicate the spread of an illness. 


"As a district, we are taking this an opportunity to continue to reach out to students and staff and teach them the importance of preventing the spread of illness with good hygiene practices," Torres said.  


Should a confirmed case be reported, the district will notify parents with an automated call. There would also be information posted on our websites. If you would like more information on communicable diseases like Meningitis, the flu and others, stop by the Oklahoma Department of Health website at,_Prevention,_Preparedness/Acute_Disease_Service/Disease_Information/index.html


Several times a year, the Oklahoma Caring Van comes to the district and provides immunizations to protect children and adolescents from dangerous illnesses at no cost to the family. The Caring Van is scheduled to come to Mustang Schools again Oct. 21-24. A Meningitis vaccine, among many others, will be available. The vaccines are free. More information will be posted the week before they are scheduled to arrive. 

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