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Letter to Parents/ Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The start to the school year has been a wonderful success.  We have approximately 705 students currently enrolled at Mustang Middle School and the transition has been very smooth.  Thank you to those of you who attended Open House last week and to those of you who have dropped by to say hello or ask questions.  We encourage you to continue to advocate for your children as we know if we all work together, our students will have greater success.

We started Bronco Time/ Response to Intervention today during 8th hour which is from 3:05 to 3:35.  Students  enrolled in Bronco Time during schedule pick up or during lunches last week.  We made every effort to accommodate the requests made by our students, but due to class size limitations, some students were given their second choices.

Many of our students were placed in RTI during Bronco Time.  RTI stands for Response to Intervention and the goal of this class is to help students make gains in reading or math skills.  The decision to place students in RTI was based on last years state test scores.  Any student who scored Unsatisfactory or Limited Knowledge was placed in RTI.  During this time, your students skills will be assessed and targeted interventions will be implemented to help your child make gains in whatever area(s) they need in order for them to gain academic achievement.  If they show improvement for four consecutive assessments, we will allow them to move into the Bronco Time they previously chose.

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us help them and welcome any questions you may have regarding RTI or Bronco Time.  Thank you for your continued support!


Kathy Knowles

Principal, MMS
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* Students' absent work can be requested if they miss 3 or more days of School.

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